50,000 years younger together

11,840years pledged – and already 6,736 years younger

A – Z of pledgers

  • AXA PPP healthcare

    Pledged 2,000 years

    Helping our customers live better lives is what we do and as part of that, AXA PPP healthcare recently launched an ambitious project to improve the Health Age of Corporate Britain by 50,000 years by 2020. But it’s not good enough to just advise – we want to practice what we preach so we’ve been getting stuck in too. That’s why AXA signed up to reduce its collective Health Age by 2,000 years. Through pledging our commitment and encouraging all of our employees to be part of the challenge, we aim to inspire individuals across our business to take control of their own health, helping them to live better lives.

    Claudio Gienal, Chief Executive, AXA UK & Ireland

  • Bayer Plc

    Pledged 400 years

    We are committed to supporting our employees in improving their physical and mental wellbeing and are targeting to reduce our health age by 400 years. We're looking to achieve this through inter company competitions, following a calendar of wellbeing events and ensuring clear and regular employee communications. We're also looking to our Wellbeing Champions to help us drive change.

    Yvonne McCann, Health & Safety Manager, Bayer PLC

  • CYBG

    Pledged 1,000 years

    CYBG's wellbeing strategy encompasses four pillars of wellbeing, which are mind, body, finance and family. Initiatives continue to evolve under these pillars, for example our Know Your Numbers assessments, a health coaching programme, healthy eating roadshows and finding ways to encourage and enable colleagues to make healthy choices during their working day.

    CYBG encourages colleagues to make healthy living choices and get healthy for life. Through our wellbeing strategy and by taking small steps, we believe that we can achieve great things, together.

    Nicola Cowan, Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, CYBG

  • GVA

    Pledged 1,500 years

    As part of our commitment to employee health and wellbeing and a successful 1st year of our wellbeing programme we want to keep momentum and continue to help employees to identify & reduce risk factors. Our structured health and wellbeing programme includes regular on site activities such as Know Your Numbers Assessments and group sessions which aim to engage and focus employees on any health issues or concerns.

    Pav Powar, Reward & Employee Benefits Consultant, GVA

  • Saint-Gobain

    Pledged 4,040 years

    We started this journey in 2013. We needed to do more to raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues and further reduce illness and disease. So in partnership with AXA PPP healthcare we developed and launched our Fit4Work/Fit4Life health and wellbeing programme. Its aim is to make it easier for all employees in any of our 34 businesses in the UK & Ireland to understand more about how to take personal responsibility to improve their own health & wellbeing. The results of our health and wellbeing programme to date have been really impressive. We have over 7,000 people actively engaged with the 'Fit for Work, Fit for Life' programme. we've seen over 1,500 actual health risks reduced in our population, and we're already seeing the benefits in terms of return on investment. Our years younger target will help us to continue to develop our programme of education, guidance & prevention to identify and target prevalent health risks.

    Kevin Crawley, Environment, Director of Environment, Health and Safety, Saint Gobain

  • Schlumberger

    Pledged 500 years

    The SLB benefits programme is based on caring for employees' total health. We're committed to providing benefits that support personal, physical and financial health for employees, while working alongside our providers to ensure satisfactory provision for our employees. Our wellbeing strategy includes a number of different benefits aimed at supporting employees - right from day one of their employment with the company. Our aim is to keep our employees fit and healthy, to help them to establish a health baseline and to encourage employees to identify health risks and proactively manage them. SLB wanted to pledge towards the Years Younger ambition as we felt it enabled us to bring together many elements of our existing strategy while continuing to help encourage positive behaviours among our staff to make a difference to their everyday lives.

    Charlotte John, UK Insured Benefits Manager, Schlumberger

  • Syngenta

    Pledged 800 years

    Coming soon….

  • PPG

    Pledged 600 years

    PPG is committed to supporting our employees physical and mental wellbeing by encouraging them to join the campaign to discover their Health Age and identify risk factors. We’ll collectively work together to reduce our Health age by 600 years.

    Through our Wellness Teams we will promote a healthier and more active lifestyle through activities and initiatives which will help us achieve this target.

    PPG UK Wellness Teams

  • Volkswagen Financial Services

    Pledged 1000 years

    At VWFS, we pride ourselves on having a truly distinctive company culture. We want to go beyond expectations for our customers and our people too. Our Feel Supported programme is designed to support the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of our teams.

    Our team’s health is our priority. We offer great services from free eye tests to health checks. We have our own dedicated Wellbeing Centre providing wellbeing assessments, work-life balance advice, company funded physiotherapy, flu jabs, health education, fitness and nutritional advice alongside a comprehensive benefits package. We’re committed to the health of our workforce and through our dynamic programme and listening to their needs of our workforce we aim to achieve 1000 years younger by 2020.

    Tiffany Wright, Reward and Benefits Manager, VWFS