Years pledged so far:11,840 years younger:6,736

Some of the nation’s most forward-thinking businesses are joining our ambition to inspire and support healthier lifestyle choices.

Together, the ambition is to improve Britain’s corporate Health Age by a massive 50,000 years by 2020.

Each business is pledging their own target that will engage employees, reduce health risks and improve productivity.

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until the target date: December 2020

It’s time to make a difference

With the nation facing an epidemic of health risks, there’s no time to lose.

Sickness absence alone costs the UK economy around £15 billion per year. 1 And the number of working days lost to sickness absence in the UK consistently exceeds 130 million.

The big five:

  • Mental health

    24% increase

    in working days lost to
    stress since 2009.1

  • Obesity

    3 out of 5

    adults overweight or obese in England.2

  • Ageing workforce

    1 in 3

    workers will be over 50 by 2020.3

  • High blood pressure

    Over 1/3

    of men aged 45-54 suffer
    from high blood pressure.4

  • Musculoskeletal conditions


    of sickness absence days
    down to back pain.5

  • Health risks are proven to affect:

    Cognitive ability

    Which reduces performance Which reduces productivity
1Department of Health, 2014 2Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2014 3Office for National Statistics, 2014 4The Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2013 5The Work Foundation Report 2012

Show you mean healthy business

Joining shouts your commitment to health and wellbeing. We’ll help you choose an ambitious, but achievable, target.

The buzz we help you build will mean more employees making positive health changes for a healthier, more motivated, and more productive workforce.

At the heart of the ambition

Sitting at the heart of 50,000 years younger is the AXA Health Age Calculator.

Based on sophisticated, scientific analysis of the key health and lifestyle factors, the Calculator is a simple and engaging way for people to picture their own health.

It also enables you to understand the bigger health picture across your business, so you can target your investment. And working alongside our Proactive Health programme, it’s proven to reduce health risks.

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Who’s joined

Bayer Plc

Pledged 400 years

We are committed to supporting our employees in improving their physical and mental wellbeing and are targeting to reduce our health age by 400 years.

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Clydesdale Yorkshire Banking Group

Pledged 1,000 years

CYBG encourages colleagues to make healthy living choices and get healthy for life. Through our wellbeing strategy and by taking small steps, we believe that we can achieve great things, together.

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Pledged 4,040 years

Our years younger target will help us to continue to develop our programme of education, guidance & prevention to identify and target prevalent health risks.

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